Thursday, June 13, 2024


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Research Proposal Successful BPS To Join Soil CRC Research Team

Griffith University’s Dr Yunying Fang has successfully progressed with a research proposal regarding the Soil CRC’s Round 24-1.

The Soil CRC (CRC for High Performance Soil) works to connect scientists with farmers to uncover practical solutions for Australia’s underperforming soil. The organization aims to enable farmers to increase their overall productivity and profitability levels through providing them with knowledge and tools to improve the performance of their soils.

The success of Dr Fang of Griffith University’s Australian Rivers Institute will have her leading a new project titled Glasshouse and field evaluation of organic-based nitrogen fertilizers for crop production and soil health, with over $800,000 in funding on a 2-and-a-half-year timeline.

“The outcomes of this project will be organic-based slow-release urea fertilisers, recommendations of usage and placement in farming systems, which will help co-deliver agronomic and economic benefits and ecological sustainability in farming systems," Dr Fang said.

Joining Dr Fang’s research team will be Burdekin Productivity Services (BPS), the Burdekin based organisation working with growers to address productivity, profitability and sustainability in sugar cane systems. Along with BPS, Charles Sturt University, Birchip Cropping Group (BCG), and Central West farming Systems will also hold roles in the project’s research and development.

Urea fertilisers work to improve the nutritional composition of sugarcane silage and trials have been undertaken in Brazil to compare the fermentative characteristics of the addition of protected or conventional urea to sugarcane silage to evaluate its nutritional value.

Dr Fang has been celebrated for the success of her research proposal and the overall benefits her project will offer to farmers to help them in meeting the nutritional needs of their sugar cane crop.

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