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REVIEW - “Perfect Wedding” by Robin Hawdon

Directed by Kathryn Evans

A Mackay Festival Fringe event by Kucom Theatre

Kucom Theatre does not have a house curtain, so when the audience enters the auditorium, immediately one spies a bed on the stage. It’s a hotel room. A bridal suite. A pillow is on the floor next to the bed. A pair of women’s shoes, a man’s shirt…. a sock… his pants. Hello, you think, what’s all this then? The morning after the night before?

It most certainly is.

Two bodies in the bed start to stir…. a man sits up, looking dishevelled and confused, he sees the outline of a woman in bed beside him. She sits up, she is beautiful…. And she is also not his fiancé!

On his wedding day, Bill the Groom (Zac Trounson) enlists the help of his Best Man, Tom (Michael Brennan) to get this stunning stranger (Asta Ryan), dressed and out of the bridal suite bathroom before his Bride, Rachel (Lani Seaton) arrives. Cue the Chambermaid, Julie (Carolyn Roche), and 43 cases of mistaken identity later, by the time the Mother of the Bride, Daphne (Kristyn Everett) arrives all hell has broken loose.

With his natural delivery, frenetic energy, his masterful understanding of text and comic timing, Trounson’s performance is pure gold. He juggles the ‘warp-speed back-and-forth dialogue’ Perfect Wedding is known for around the world with ease, supported by the experienced and effortless performances of Roche and Everett.

It was a pleasant surprise to see three new faces with Perfect Wedding being the first performances for Brennan, Ryan and Seaton. Guided by the firm hand of director Kathryn Evans, these three newbies show much potential, with Brennan in particular, finding his groove as his character explodes across the stage.

With another impressively simple but effective set design by John Irvine, with a partial brick wall giving the illusion of two rooms without compromising sight lines, Kucom Theatre have stepped up yet again to provide Mackay audiences with a romping good time.

Season at Kucom Theatre over two weekends Thurs – Sat 6-8 July and 13-15 July.

Duration: 2 hours plus a 20 min interval.

Recommended for ages: 14 – 104.


Review by Vicky Bobeldyk

A rehearsal photo provides a sneak peek at Kucom Theatre’s performance Perfect Wedding

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