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Revved Up Renegade Barber Holds ‘Cars & Coffee‘ Meet

Locals rolled into Renegade Barber shop on Saturday morning for the Cars and Coffee meet, where car enthusiasts gathered to showcase their pride and joy and engage in passionate discussions about all things automotive.

The carpark was filled with a diverse variety of cars, ranging from classic muscle, Japanese drift to sleek modern sports cars, ensuring there was something to capture the attention of every attendee.

This marked the second Cars and Coffee event hosted by Renegade Barber, offering the opportunity for petrol heads to come together, have a cuppa and admire the stunning cars on display.

Beyond horsepower, the event was about more than just cars; it was a chance for individuals to build connections, share their stories, and appreciate the finer aspects of automotive culture.

The day proved to be an epic appreciation of automotive passion, uniting enthusiasts from all walks of life through a shared love for cars.

Caption 1: Classic Pontiac riding in style

Caption 2: Supra, Lotus & McLaren sitting pretty. Photos supplied: Holmes Racing Media

3-6: Pontiac, Dodge Charger, Celica and Lotus were all represented at the meet. Photo credit: Elizabeth Attard Photography

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