Thursday, June 13, 2024


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Rock Of Hearts

Doing good in the community can be as subtle as creating a piece of art which brings a smile to someone’s face and adds a unique flavour to an already beautiful landscape.

Head down to Cannonvale Beach when you get a chance and see if you can spot the heart made out of rocks which sits resplendently upon the flat section of the beach and is exposed at low tide.

As the water climbs the beach at high tide the rocks are submerged and when it recedes again, they are exposed once more.

It appears that the artist, whoever they are, deliberately chose the heaviest rocks they could find to create the giant heart shape that would be durable and resistant to the movements of nature.

Around 20 large rocks have been used in the creation of this majestic piece of art and each weighty piece would have been carried to its new location, placed sturdily on the sand where the intention was for it to remain.

Children play amongst the stones, dogs race around it and people stop to take a look at its calm but strong presence on the beach.

So far, no-one has touched it, fingers crossed it will remain for some time.

Who is the artist? Could they be a young backpacker travelling around Australia and creating a Rock Of Hearts at every beach they can?

If you know them, let us know!

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