Thursday, February 15, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Ry Collins Mayoral Candidate

I'm a passionate and experienced local advocate for our region with a strong and diverse business background. My current experience in addressing our economic challenges, promoting our best opportunities, coupled with strong family values and deep understanding of our community's needs, equips me to lead effectively. I'm committed first and foremost to listening, understanding, and acting on the concerns of our residents to drive outcomes, meaningful progress and growth.

Addressing the current challenges in housing and accommodation supply would be a priority, this issue is having a massive impact on the cost of living, community well-being and our ability to grow our region. We need to look at what levers we can pull and I would look to establish a working group to engage and collaborate with government, community groups and the development industry to increase affordable housing options, utilising innovative solutions and sustainable development practices to ensure long-term viability and community growth.

People are seeking relief from the rising cost of living and to live in a prosperous region with future opportunities. By leveraging my business acumen and advocacy experience, I aim to attract investment, support community groups and local businesses, work effectively with the councillor group to run an efficient and accountable business and implement cost-saving initiatives for our community where possible. I’ll work hard toward these goals, be a strong voice for the community in fostering economic and social growth, that is my commitment.

My initial focus will be on engaging with the breadth of our community to collectively map out urgent needs and priorities. I’m willing to engage and listen to anyone and will advance this feedback through council and through external advocacy. I'll seek to initiate a review of our current housing response and support an upcoming council budget that is considered and prioritises any actions that may deliver cost relief. Establishing a clear, actionable roadmap and vision would be crucial.

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