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Sarina Art Exhibition Wraps Up

Artist Margaret O’Neill has turned full circle with her recent return to Sarina.

Margaret, who was one of seven artists displaying their works at the Sarina Art Gallery during May, now lives at Campwin Beach with husband Gary, a place she where spent many happy holidays when she was young.

“I was born at Townsville but christened at Sarina, and I had a lot of family from here,” she said.

“I spent many happy holidays at Campwin and now we can walk the beach each day.”

Margaret was a teacher for 34 years, initially in Victoria but later in the southern Queensland district, teaching senior English and history.

One of her works, an acrylic titled Overboard, has a story to it with an artistic twist.

“Some kids were playing with a beach ball on a ship inbound to Australia and lost a beach ball overboard, never to be seen again,” she said.

“I changed it to a life ring in the painting, and the cliffs are from my memory of Port Campbell National Park and in particular Loch Ard Gorge on the Great Ocean Road on the Victorian south coast.

“Funnily enough it was mentioned on the news last night.

“They have noticed a huge crack near the stairs leading down to it and have blocked users attempting to climb down to the beach.

“Many years ago, I found a gold wedding ring there and threw it back into the sea.”

The cliffs are named after the Loch Ard which ran aground in 1878 with only two survivors.

Others displaying their works were former South African Tia Gabriella, Kerry Williams, Jodie Perna, Jenny Tibbett, Susan Day and Lenore Chapple.

The gallery, near the Sarina Sugar Shed, is open 10am-3pm daily with free admission when a display is under way.

A new exhibition will start next month.

Contributed by Charlie Payne

Artist Margaret O’Neill with her painting Overboard, a story of a mishap at sea with an artistic twist

Lenore Chapple’s Look Up Wisteria.

Tia Gabriella’s Gum Trees.

Susan Day’s Humpback Whales. Photo credit: Charlie Payne

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