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Sarina Student Takes Home MVP Award

Sarina State High School’s star student, Katie Hauwert recently showcased her exceptional talent at the 10-12 Years Girls Netball State Championships in Toowoomba.

The four-day event proved to be a remarkable experience for Katie, where she demonstrated some of her finest netball skills. Her stellar performance on the court earned her the Capricornia Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

Simone, Katie's mother and a netball coach herself, emphasises the importance of fitness in the sport. Proud of her daughter's dedication, Simone highlights Katie's journey in netball, which began back in prep and describes Katie as a farm girl who has discovered her passion for netball and wholeheartedly embraces it.

For Katie, the State Championships in Toowoomba marked a significant milestone, as it was her first-time visiting Brisbane and Toowoomba. She cherished every moment of the trip and delivered exceptional performances on the court, playing alongside three other Mackay girls.

Simone says that Katie's strong bond with her teammates and their support contributed to her success.

Her commitment to training, evident even at the age of twelve, reflects Katie's determination to excel in netball. Simone expresses immense pride in watching her daughter play, admiring Katie's agility and skill on the court and is a joyous moment for Simone to witness Katie pursuing her passion with such enthusiasm and dedication.

“Watching Katie play, it’s just such a great feeling, she moves so well on the court and it’s a really proud feeling for me to see her doing what she loves,” Simone said.

Katie Hauwert has been playing netball since she was in prep and is on the road to success after winning outstanding achievements at the young age of twelve. We wish Katie all the best in her future! Image supplied

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