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Back yourself and go for it – invest in your success with a scholarship application.

The financial support of any scholarship is certainly the most tangible and immediate benefit of being awarded a scholarship. The dollars ease the financial burden; however, the benefits go far beyond just the dollars. Scholarships open doors and these are five key additional benefits:

   • Recognition and opportunity

If you are successful in receiving a scholarship - it’s recognition of you, your efforts and also your potential. This acknowledgement is a major boost to your confidence, and there’s the prestige associated with a scholarship.

   • It looks good on your résumé

A scholarship is a third-party endorsement of you, your skills and potential. It could just be the one thing that helps you stand out from other students/graduates.

   • Opportunities for connection

Many scholarships require you to ‘engage’ with the donor. As a recipient, this opens doors for you, and you get to meet people through these networks (including current and former recipients) that you otherwise would not. Mentoring also may be included. It’s an opportunity to start developing your professional profile and visibility which is invaluable in gaining work experience, graduate employment and extending your professional networks.

   • Leads to job opportunities

Through the networks you develop, you become aware of a greater range of job opportunities, not only with the scholarship donor, but also throughout the industry. Some donors use scholarships to develop a talent pipeline.

   • Expands your horizons

You are likely to be exposed to a diverse group of people through the scholarship. The interactions you have can expand your horizons and encourage personal growth.

Scholarships come in many shapes, sizes and $ values. All Universities have extensive scholarship listings for first timers as well as existing students– so it’s worth checking out the specific criteria and due dates. Some scholarships may focus on providing work experience / vacation employment in your chosen field rather than a cash payment, and that really does boost your résumé.

It’s not all about Uni; there’s scholarships for those undertaking apprenticeships and TAFE studies. As we progress our careers, there’s other scholarships available.

Scholarships are about opportunity and the money helps. So often I see people self-select out and not apply as they don’t consider themselves worthy. If you see a scholarship opportunity that fits you and your situation, APPLY! It’s about you investing in you and your future success.

Maree Franettovich

CareerForce Australia Director

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