Friday, December 23, 2022


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Seniors Celebrate As ATAR Results Released

Image: L-R Ananya Sinha, Maddison Filtness, Charlie Webb and Pranav Sivanujan

Graduating year 12 students across the state eagerly jumped online last Friday morning as ATAR scores were released.

Sixty per cent of eligible Whitsunday Anglican School (WAS) year 12 school leavers received an ATAR score of 90.00 or above, their results the proof of years of dedicated study.

Pranav Sivanujan received the highest possible ATAR score of 99.95, the first Whitsunday Anglican School student to do so under the recently introduced ATAR system and one of 33 in the State.

Pranav’s result puts him in extremely good stead for his plans to study medicine at university next year.

“Over the last couple of years, just building that repertoire and getting support from teachers has really helped me,” he said.

“Putting in the hard work definitely counted for something now.”

48% of WAS students achieved an ATAR result of 95.00 or above and 26% of students achieved an ATAR of 99.00 or higher.

Departing School Captain and budding Air Force Engineer Charlie Webb was one of the 26% and said his score aptly reflects his efforts throughout his senior year.

“A lot of late nights, a lot of slogs at some points and the effort has paid off,” he said.

“I was over the moon when I opened it up this morning, it was fantastic.”

Ananya Sinha and Maddie Filtness also earned scores of over 99.00.

“I’m not talking about only myself when I say this, but I definitely think that everyone was working very hard and that’s because the cohort was there to support each other at all times, whether it was during exam week or at the start of the term,” said Ananya.

“I definitely think that everyone worked really hard, and that teamwork came into play during external exams.”

“I’m really happy that all the hard work paid off but a bit sad that school’s out, too, to be honest,” added Maddie

“Lots of late nights, especially with sport and work, it was really hard to manage it all but shows it’s all worth it.”

Both Ananya and Maddie are awaiting university offers with the hope of studying medicine.

“I reckon it’ll be a lot harder, but it should be okay, we should all adjust and get used to it,” said Maddie.

Ananya said that while a little bit of stress can be good, her advice to the senior year of 2023 is to not stress too much.

“Just stay focused and always rely on your peers and your teachers because they’re the ones who get you through the year,” she said.

Whitsunday Anglican School Principal Andrew Wheaton said results were testament to the Year 12s’ hard work in their final year, and a genuine commitment to academic growth, effort and improvement at the school.

“At Whitsunday Anglican School, our commitment to academic improvement allows us to support our young men and women to consistently realise their goals and aspirations – be that University, or a Trade or VET pathway,” he said.

Graduates following a tertiary education pathway now await university offers which are expected in January.

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