Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Sick Bag Saviour!

Every parent’s nightmare is a sick kid vomiting in the car, not only is the child unwell, but the car’s interior is at risk of smelling like vomit for several years afterwards.

Mum of three, Crissy Bottrell, almost experienced this first-hand last week when she rushed to Cannonvale State School last week to pick up her youngest daughter who was sick and vomiting.

Once in the car, it became very clear that her daughter was still in the throes of sickness, so Crissy instantly pulled over and let her daughter out of the vehicle so she could vomit outside.

Sitting on the curb, the young girl was clearly struggling while her mother comforted her the best she could, wishing she’d had more warning and could have been better prepared.

It was at that moment that she looked up and saw a man walking towards them proffering a pile of helpful items that would make her daughter a lot more comfortable.

“He came over to us with spare vomit bags, a cold bottle of water and cloths to wash her face,” said Crissy.

“It was incredible to think that he had all these items to hand so quickly – what a hero!

“The spare vomit bag he gave us came in particularly useful as she needed it a few minutes into the drive after we left!

“We are very grateful for his kindness, and it shows how people in our community are selfless without a second’s thought.”

If you see someone struggling do you pull over to help them out?

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