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SOS: Wedding Ring Lost On Cockermouth Island

A Mackay resident has put the call out to the community after her dad misplaced his wedding ring on Cockermouth Island.

Emmy Lou was on the Wildcat Mackay tour with her parents last Friday, saying “it was an amazing tour”, but shared on the Mackay Noticeboard Facebook group that her dad lost his gold wedding band while on the tour.

“My parents have been married for 48 years and my dad has never taken his wedding ring off once,” she wrote.

“They are the most sincere, committed and loving couple ever.

“I’ve never seen my dad so upset.

“When you marry your best friend it symbolises love, commitment and affection, so when you lose your wedding ring the feelings of sadness and guilt are apparent.”

After combing through videos and photos taken on the day, Ms Lou concluded that the wedding ring was lost while stand-up paddleboarding on the island.

She’s put the call out to the community to keep an eye out when visiting the island.

“I know this is a long shot, but I have read stories where people have found their wedding rings after losing them in the ocean,” she wrote.

“If anyone happens to go to Cockermouth Island on a tour/privately and is fortunate enough to find this I’ll be ever so grateful.

“If anyone out there does this stuff as a professional job with a metal detector, I would love to chat to you.”

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