Thursday, August 24, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

STAR 101.9

A few of us this week have been talking about our rents and mortgages with Star giving you the chance to Live Rent Free.

Some of us here are renters, while others like myself have a mortgage, but wondering how the renters can even have a chance to save up to be a home owner. The gap between what some people around Mackay and Whitsundays are paying per week is immense, there are people renting a room in a share house for under $200pw, and some of us have $1000pw mortgage.

It makes me think more of the year I moved out of home and rented a caravan in a caravan park for a few months at Port Pirie in SA and how that seemed really expensive. It actually was for a first-year radio announcer in 1994 earning around $21,000 a year. The first unit I moved into from memory was about $125 a week and it was a ripper, very basic, but new 2 bedroom with a decent sized loungeroom.

Moving to Mackay in 2005 I’ve lived in Eimeo, Mackay City, South Mackay, Beaconsfield and now Rural View … while searching for some of those places I looked at some total dives.

Finding a rental in a tight market is horrible, you’re looking for something nice and affordable, but you might end up in 1 star just because you need a place, and you need it now. The last time I was in that situation was around 15 years ago and to be honest it was like some agencies were treating tenants like cattle that could just be pushed around, not treated well and it was a struggle to get your full bond back. I hope things have improved.

If you want your rent paid for a bit, tune into Star, Scotty & Rach with Kaley’s Live Rent Free. And good luck if you’re looking for a new rental at the moment, or, like me, paying a mortgage and waiting to hear about the reserve bank’s next move.


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