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Starvation To Salvation Dumped Kittens Thriving In Foster Care

Four helpless kittens were reportedly dumped at a local service station undergoing renovations late last Saturday. The team at Mackay Pet Recue Inc once again made it their mission to save the kittens from despair after discovering that the baby felines were underweight and starving with no mother cat nearby or in sight.

Carers suspect that these homeless kittens were once owned by a family given that they were too friendly and tame to be feral, concluding that the kittens were dumped relentlessly.

In fury of the poor act, the team brought the kittens back to their sanctuary and offered a safe place to stay, good quality food to eat and gentle human care to restore the faith in the traumatised kittens.

“Allowing a small kitten to die of neglect and starvation is an extreme act of cruelty,” a member of Mackay Pet Rescue Inc commented.

“These are domesticated kittens; they can be picked up and handled.

“They are not feral, they do not bite or scratch, they are just scared, and shame on the person who did this to them!”

Now thriving, the kittens have been named; Lylah, Rylan, Myah and Rykah. In a span of just 24 hours, the kittens were said to be rapidly healthier and happier after finding comfort and a sense of security in the hands of their foster carer.

They will soon be available to go to their forever homes.

Please contact Rissa on 0412 991 492 to arrange a meet and greet.

Animal Co-ordinator for MPRI commented, “I have nothing but admiration and thanks for the foster carers who continually put up their hand to take in dumped kittens.”

Caption: Four domesticated kittens found starved and underweight at a local service station undergoing renovations with no mother cat in sight

Caption: two of the four kittens now happily in the safe and loving security of a foster carer. To learn more about adoption, ring the number provided or visit the MPRI Facebook page. Photo credit: Mackay Pet Rescue Inc (Facebook)

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