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STEAM Centre Receives High Accolades

The Whitsunday Anglican School STEAM Centre, designed by BSPN Architecture, made an impressive impact at the North Queensland Regional Architecture Awards in Townsville last weekend.

The STEAM Centre was officially unveiled on the 23rd of May at Whitsunday Anglican School and has since marked a significant milestone for education within the Mackay region.

A first for the Mackay and Whitsunday region, the world-class facility is available for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, placing them at the forefront of innovative, future-focused education. 

The Centre triumphed for the Mackay region with three prestigious accolades: the esteemed Walter and Oliver Tunbridge Award for Building of the Year, a highly regarded Regional Commendation for Educational Architecture, and the beloved People’s Choice Award. These honours celebrate the STEAM Centre's exceptional design and its significant contribution to innovative education for the future.

Designed in partnership with BSPN Architects, Whitsunday Anglican School and the University of Melbourne, the research-driven building was designed to foster creativity, collaboration, flexibility and innovation.

The Centre was designed to link in with the region’s industry strengths and provide students with critical skills for the future in STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Design, and Mathematics. It will educate students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

The building features scientific laboratories, extended experimentation investigation laboratories, innovative learning environments, idea-generating pods, learning commons, incubators, maker spaces and a tertiary inspired library.

Whitsunday Anglican School Principal, Mr Andrew Wheaton praised BSPN Architect and project lead Bretton Watson, Fergus Builders, and the school staff, for bringing the School's vision to life.

“From its inception, the school had the vision to design a cutting-edge, research driven educational building that will inspire innovative teaching and learning into the future, that creates the skills of tomorrow, enabling our students, to confidently navigate a dynamic world, where the only constant is change.

“Our exceptional teachers who support our students on their learning journey, set strong foundations over many years to ensure our students continue to grow and be the best version of themselves.

“The STEAM Centre will play a critical role in the future of our School, and this represents just the beginning of a new future at Whitsunday Anglican,” Mr Wheaton said.

Bretton Watson, project lead at BSPN Architecture said the STEAM Centre design stands as a catalyst for intellectual curiosity and achievement, transcending conventional educational paradigms to establish a dynamic learning hub that empowers students, faculty, and the wider school community as active participants in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

“It is always a rewarding fulfilment to not only see the building and its spaces used as intended but also how the students and staff can find other opportunities on how to learn and collaborate beyond expectation,” Mr Watson said.

Whitsunday Anglican School proudly continues to affirm itself as Queensland’s top academic regional school, and the STEAM Centre is just the start of the School and BSPN’s revitalisation plans for the school campus into the future.

Whitsunday Anglican School launched the regions first STEAM centre, with an aim to equip students with a future-focused education. 
Federal Member for Dawson Andrew Willcox with Whitsunday Anglican School Captains. Photo Credit: Hannah McNamara  

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