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Stranger Pays For A Family Meal

In a time when the cost-of-living crisis weighs heavily on many in Mackay, gestures of kindness like the one shown at Andergrove McDonald's last week has left a lasting impact on a local family.

A local man by the name of Trey has selflessly payed for a stranger's dinner, including meals for a whole family at a McDonald’s in Andergrove and the mother on the receiving end has taken to a local Facebook page to express her profound gratitude.

The recipient of Trey's generosity was deeply touched, expressing sincere appreciation for the act of unexpected kindness. Her heartfelt thanks not only acknowledged Trey's gesture but also ignited a chain of positivity and goodwill within the community. Promising to pay it forward, she later met Trey at the nearby Coles, seizing the chance to personally thank him.

The Facebook post read: ‘Young man at Andergrove McDonald's this evening Friday at 6pm. Greyish tilly Ute, P plater. Thank you for paying for my children's and my dinner. Such a lovely gesture. Thank you! I will be paying it forward. Later I seen you parked at Coles, and I stopped to say Thank you. Your name is Trey. So nice to meet you. Thank you again.’

Acts such as this remind us of the generosity and selflessness within the community.

How can you extend a helping hand and make a significant impact on someone's day?

Even the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way!

A kind stranger by the name of Trey has generously paid for a whole family’s meal at McDonalds Andergrove

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