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Swim, Run, Conquer Mackay Triathlon Club's Aquathlon

By Hannah McNamara

In a splashing triumph of athleticism and adventure, the Mackay Triathlon Club set North Mackay ablaze with its second Aquathlon race on a sun-soaked Sunday. The air was filled with the energetic buzz of club members, from seasoned triathletes to spirited newcomers, all ready to dive into the thrill of the Aquathlon, starting at the Pioneer Pool. With courses designed to challenge and exhilarate, from the shorter enticer's scenic run around the Gooseponds to the pulse-quickening swim, to the daring repetition in the sprint distance, and even a mini kids race for the future champs, the atmosphere echoed with the laughter and determination of multisporters.

Names from Left to Right: Theo, Luca, Jack, Issac, Leon, Ashton, Hayden, Georgina, Ameilia

Photo credit: Hannah McNamara

Splash And Dash With The Mackay Triathlon Club

From club members with years of experience to completely fresh newcomers, The Mackay Triathlon Club kicked off its second Aquathlon race on Sunday the 4th of February.

The Aquathlon course includes a Shorter Enticer distance, which is a 2.5km run around the Gooseponds followed by a 300m (six lap) swim in the pool, then the sprint distance repeats the run and swim. Races for children aged 5-11 can compete in the mini kids race in which they do a 1km run and a 100m swim. With a wide range of categories for all ages and individuals, the Mackay Triathlon Club are hoping to welcome new members.

Club members Demi Caldwin and Cristian Smith shared their perspectives about the club over the years.

“We’ve done all the local events over the past three years and we’ve learnt everything about it since.

“It definitely keeps you engaged, and it’s social so it’s just fun,” Demi explains.

When asked if she prefers swimming or running, she said, “definitely running.”

Cristian had a similar perspective as he applauded the club's diverse event offerings and inclusive nature.

“Mackay triathlon hosts a really good event, they put lots of different events on for all different ages and categories here, everybody’s welcome, it’s awesome.” Cristian says.

According to Cristian, the weather has taken a favourable turn, creating a more enjoyable atmosphere for the athletes.

Members like Ben Croker and Jack Anderson also contribute to the club's dynamic. While Ben confesses a dislike for running and swimming, favouring cycling, he underlines the fact that he enjoys the triathlon as it trains him for bigger events.

Jack Anderson, a new-comer in the club says he hasn’t done many triathlons but enjoys the test of strengths and weaknesses that play out throughout the events.

What unites these eager participants is their steadfast dedication and resilience. The final race of the series will be held this Sunday (February 11).

To check out the Mackay Trathlon’s calendar, visit its page on Facebook.

Photo credit: Hannah McNamara

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