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Team Sport with a WOW factor

Over the past decade, cheerleading as a competitive team sport has grown exponentially nationwide and worldwide, with the 2022 AASCF (Australian) National Championships having over 13,000 athletes for this single event.

It is not surprising that over the past 18 years, Adrenalin Cheer & Dance has played a role locally, educating students about the competitive sport and building a program that supports individual athlete development and excellence as well as team success.

If you weren't sure what this sport involves, a cheer team might consist of around 8 to 32 athletes executing a series of tumbling, dance, stunts, pyramid, and toss skills designed to be performed with a high level of precision to a fast-paced soundtrack. For this reason, you can imagine a well-rounded team requires athletes of all physiques and skill sets, making it an ideal and inclusive sport for all.

The local sporting club in Mackay trains everything from the casual first-time students up to the competitive athlete, a place for every student, accommodating to those looking to compete and build new, lifelong friendships.

Adrenalin Cheer and Dance hold recreational classes, building skills and confidence for new students and offering competitive programs opportunities for beginners up to level five cheer in addition to pom and hip hop teams.

The expert coaches come from backgrounds as competitive athletes, bringing their wealth of skills to the floor with them.

With a pedigree of past and present success, Adrenalin has claimed national titles, as well as placed and won international championships in both cheerleading and hip hop.

If you want to learn how to tumble, dance, or get started in cheerleading, you’ll find Adrenalin Cheer & Dance at the Mackay Sports Expo this weekend.

Image: Local studio Adrenalin Cheer & Dance is here to teach one of the world's fastest-growing sports

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