Friday, March 3, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life


My daughter replied to a text message from me this week, and it made me cry.

If you’ve got teenagers, or had them, you may know exactly what I am about to tell you.

Just so you know, I live alone and my kids have always lived with their Mum, so we get to see each other every now and then, and that’s cool. Their lives come first every time.

That said, I love to know what they are doing and how they’re travelling.

The text message I sent said “Have the best time seeing Harry!” Her reply? “Thank you, heading to the Gold Coast now”!

Sending messages to your kids is one thing, but to get a reply longer than two words is one of the best feelings a Dad can get, and for it to stretch out over nearly 240 characters melted my heart.

My daughter loves music. Absolutely loves it. Just like me at her age.

Over the last few years it is quite apparent that my daughter loves Harry Styles, alongside half of Australia, so when his tour plans came out years ago, she went nuts for tickets, but then a little thing called COVID came along and ruined everyone’s plans, including my daughter’s.

Well fast forward to Tuesday just gone, the delays, cancellations, tears and frustrations were all forgotten about, and the man just called Harry played to the masses of screaming ladies on the Gold Coast and they loved every second of it.

Being in the same room as your idol is a feeling you can never repeat. To be metres away is just next level. I hope to hear all about the show on her return and hopefully more detail in future texts and maybe even face to face conversations, but to know at this stage she got to fulfil one of her dreams just makes me so happy for my daughter.

If you’re a parent, you know how I feel, hey!

I remember the 80’s in Mackay, and going to see all the bands at the showgrounds after school and I know how special the feelings are. Seeing Dire Straits, Split Enz, Mondo Rock, Australian Crawl, Angels, John Farnham and more all on stage just makes life perfect.

I can’t wait to find out who's next on her bucket list. Maybe I should ask her to go to Legends on the Lawn in May. I wonder if she’d be cool with saying hi to Dad in front of her friends. Is that still a thing to do in 2023? Who cares? I wish for those days. One day though…one day.

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