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The Ben Bolt Cup At Bowen Turf Club

The racetrack came alive with thoroughbred competition and good-natured rivalry over the weekend with the annual Ben Bolt Cup.

Over 450 people came along for a fabulous day out, which featured five horse races.

Entertainment was as exciting on the track as it was off the track, with a host of activities that brought attendees together.

Many of the men participated in the tomato cart races while the women competed in the pumpkin races and the children enjoyed the hobby horse racing.

The next event on the Bowen Turf Club Calendar is the TAB Race Meet on Thursday, September 14, followed by the biggest showcase of the year – the Bowen Cup – which is due to take place on Saturday, October 14.

Results from the Ben Bolt Cup:

Race 1 - Maiden Plate 1000 metres

Lesotho Diamond

Time: 59.10 seconds

Margins: 3 lengths x 3/4 length

Race 2 - Filby's Motors

QTIS Benchmark 55 Handicap 1000m


Time: 58.54 seconds

Margins: neck x 1 length

Race 3 - Pilcher's Concrete

Benchmark 45 Handicap 1280m


Time: 1 minute 17.83 seconds

Margins: 1 1/4 lengths x 3/4 length

Race 4 - Hillery Group

Open Handicap 1280m

Valley of Dreams

Time: 1 minute 15.75 seconds

Margins: 1/2 neck x 1 length

Race 5 - Burdekin Vet Services

Ben Bolt Cup

Benchmark 65 Handicap 1470m

Higher Love

Time: 1 minute 28.60 seconds

Margins: neck x nose

Winner of the Ben Bolt Cup

Winner of Race 4

Winner of Race 3

Winner of Race 2

Photo credit: Saskia Photography

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