Thursday, February 29, 2024


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The Bourbon Bar KC’s Newest Endeavour

The newest kid on the block is here and they are here to stay, with a fantastic turn out for the opening of their new Bourbon Bar.

KC’s very own Bourbon Bar is making waves in the bourbon-whiskey world, with experts and connoisseurs coming out of the woodwork to put these specially curated bourbons to the test.

Owner and operator, and chief whiskey-drinker, Geoff Small “Smally” is eager to showcase this diverse selection.

“While you are exploring the 74 islands of the Whitsundays, you might as well explore our 74 new bourbons as well,” he said.

“Come on a journey with KC’s and pair our new bourbon cocktails with one of our bourbon flavoured dishes.

“Bourbon, steak and live music seem to all go hand in hand and are the perfect mix.”

Head Chef Troy Fuller has risen to the task, creating a series of dishes which perfectly blend the rich bourbon with delicate flavours.

“We love this selection of bourbon dishes for now, but we are already brewing up our next pick of dishes that is bourbon infused,” Troy explained.

“So, keep your eye out for our next menu re-invention in 4 weeks-time.”


Bourbon, Kahlua, espresso, honey, cream, dash of cinnamon and coffee beans

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