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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

The Diamond Of Whitsundays On New York Bill Board

Since she was three years old, Roze has passionately pursued her dream of becoming a fashion model and she finally realised this dream when she appeared on a billboard during New York Fashion Week recently.

Answering a callout by former locals Belle Le Chic, Roze’s mum Katrina put Roze forward as a model to showcase Belle Le Chic’s new collection, the Goddess Collection.

In the two-day shoot, Roze was sure that photographer, Alexis Turner, knew her good side, and posed perfectly, the hope of appearing on a New York Times Square Billboard present on her mind.

“We knew that some of the models would appear on the New York Times Square Billboard, and then we were sent the picture, and it was amazing,” explained Katrina.

“Roze squealed, she was so excited.”

Roze’s commitment to her modelling career started when she stumbled across modelling videos, and just a year later, Katrina enrolled her in Brooke Lee Modelling lessons to help her perfect her craft and expand her skills.

“She is obsessed with the entire process. She knows her poses, her angles. Roze loves playing with makeup and practicing her runway walk,” Katrina explained.

Along with the Times Square Billboard, the Belle Le Chic dress she was modelling was named after her, a gorgeous gown which now is proudly displayed in their family home.

“We’re all so proud of Roze. It all comes from her, and we’re happy she is doing something she loves.”

Living on a property, Katrina explained that Roze lives the best of both worlds.

“She does her modelling, with the makeup and the hair, but at home, she’s a bit of a tomboy. She rides her motorbike, catches crabs, and works with her brothers. She loves it all.”

Progressing her modelling career, Roze will make appearances at the Cairns Fashion Week runway, and the Mackay Wedding Expo, sure to model gowns beautifully and with perfect confidence.

  1. Roze modelling the Belle Le Chic Roze Gown. Photographer: Alexis Turner Photography

   2. Roze on the New York Times Square Bill Board. Photo supplied

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