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The Flash

A storyline filled with heart and intimate love, The Flash is set to pull on heart strings.

Ezra Miller reprises his role as Barry Allen in this DC Universe film, where he is set on time travelling to save his mother in the past, thus saving his father and himself from immeasurable heartache and pain.

He does so, going against the advice of his universe’s Batman – portrayed by Ben Affleck – and manages to skip entire time lines, inadvertently meeting himself at 18-years-old, with two living parents and a totally different life.

In this universe, meta humans don’t exist, Original Barry meets a new Batman – this one played by Michael Keaton and newcomer Super Girl, played by Sasha Calle - in order to fight classic Superman villain, General Zod.

Audiences are given the opportunity to see much loved character Barry learn and grow, in two distinct ways.

Original Barry must grow up, come into his responsibility of being a super hero, while New Barry is given the space to be silly and idiotic, something Original Barry missed out on.

New Barry also is given the opportunity to enter the Speed Force, with some assistance from Original Barry.

This CGI blockbuster is full of non-stop action and fantastic one-liners. It also provokes thoughts on losing a loved one and the implications that has on one’s life.

Having the two Barry’s side by side lends itself to an interesting comparison, of ethics and of compassion.

If you could go back in time, and save your mother from being murdered and your father for being found guilty, would you? Of course you would!

This exciting new chapter to the DC Universe is looking hopeful, perhaps even able to rival the massive Marvel universe with its own charm and wit.

The Flash is currently showing at Bowen Cinema and will be released at Proserpine Cinema Thursday June 29.

Barry Allen joins hands with an alternate version of himself, a new Batman and Super Girl to take on a new threat

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