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The Gift Of Life

When Samantha Scott was six years old, she was diagnosed with a kidney disease, and by the age of nine, she underwent her first major kidney surgery.

But, at the age of 31, Sam was again given the worst news.

“I think the words were ’11 per cent total kidney function … you will need some sort of kidney replacement therapy’,” Sam said.

“I was in complete shock and disbelief as I had been told this was unlikely to happen.

“It was a very difficult thing to comprehend, as I was not sick and did not look sick.”

However, both of her parents were willing and ready to donate Sam a kidney.

Her mum, Jenny Scott, was the best match, and on February 22, 2011, the pair underwent surgery at Princess Alexandria Hospital in Brisbane.

“It was scary, and I was pretty nervous, but everybody was beautiful,” Jenny said.

“And I mean, I saved Sam’s life.”

Following the surgery, the pair were closer than ever.

“We’d tried to kiss each other but we couldn’t reach across our walking frames,” Jenny said.

Now 12 years on, Sam continues to be cautious.

“I am going to need another kidney transplant one day,” she said.

“I am just lucky to be alive and living my best life to the selfless gift of my donor, my mum, my hero.”

Jenny now volunteers with the Kidney Support Network.

“Check with your GP often,” Jenny said.

“Because kidney disease sneaks up on you.

“It can be a silent killer.”

Mother-Daughter duo days after kidney transplant surgery to save daughter. Photo supplied

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