Thursday, August 24, 2023


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The Hub Of Bowen: The Grandview Hotel

Being the hub of the town is no easy feat for the Grandview Hotel.

Since its establishment over 100 years ago, The Grandview Hotel has acted as the home away from home for many people, the watering hole for locals, and the social haven for all.

Now hosting a number of events almost everyday of the week, it is no surprise that locals continue to flock to the hotel, grab a feed and stick around for the evening entertainment.

With something for everyone, the Hotel continues to impress.

Monday night reserved for trivia, which catches everyone with tricky questions, pulling on long-forgotten facts.

Tuesday is Tadpole Tuesday, with children eating free and Triple Threat Tuesday, with gaming patrons – on the 45 machines – have a chance to win one of three $100 draws.

Wednesday is musical bingo, which always brings out the competitiveness in patrons.

Thursday is Duck Off.

Duck Off is exciting, where patrons have the chance to pick a duck from a kiddie pool, winning a prize. However, the winner can give the Hotel back the initial prize, and instead pick a second duck, hoping for the big jackpot duck, worth $1,500, and increasing $100 a week.

Friday is the Members Draw, currently worth $4,600, with Hotel members, once being drawn for the prize, have three minutes to claim the jackpot.

Increasing $100 a week, the current jackpot has been building for a while, making members eager and excited.

On Friday, the Hotel also hosts a community raffle, with different charities hosting the raffle.

Tahliah O’Toole, Stephen Knight and Beth Angharad of the Grandview Hotel team keen for the Duck Off. Photo credit: Bronte Hodge

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