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The Power Of Gospel

Prepare to be amazed and blown away by the outstanding Soweto Gospel Choir, with their touching performance, ‘Hope’, at the Proserpine Entertainment Centre this September.

A completely new production, Hope speaks on the Freedom movement by Nelson Mandela in South Africa and the Civil Rights Movement in America in the 1950s by Martin Luther King.

Celebrating songs and anthems from these time periods, Soweto takes audiences through the journey of liberation and fighting for freedom, beginning with intimate South African freedom songs, before moving into American freedom movements with protest music, including works from iconic artists James Brown, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin.

Feel the powerful message sung through amazing musicians and artists, who have received critical acclaim across the globe.

Soweto Gospel Choir are triple Grammy winners, spreading their voices and words across the globe since 2002.

Celebrating the unique and powerful influence of African Gospel music, the Soweto Gospel Choir is not a performance to miss.

Feel enriched and empowered by these stand out performers and vocalists, with their outstanding renditions of African American spiritual, folk, and gospel music.

WHAT: Soweto Gospel Choir: Hope

WHERE: Proserpine Entertainment Centre

WHEN: Sunday September 3, from 5pm


Feel the power of these African Gospel songs by Soweto Gospel Choir at the PEC. Photo supplied

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