Thursday, September 14, 2023


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The Rise Of Vertical Gardens In Our Homes

Vertical gardens, also known as ‘eco walls’ have been gaining popularity in recent years and we can certainly see why!

This system brings a uniform and modernised look into the home, carrying benefits from aesthetic appearances to saving you money.

The design has become especially popular in rental housing as it’s easy to disassemble without wreaking havoc on the property, as well as apartments or tiny homes that lack adequate space for traditional garden beds.

Benefits of a Vertical Garden

You may already be aware that plants improve our air quality, but vertical gardens can also act as a sound buffer and reduce noise pollution, as well as airborne pollutants around the home.

This setup also cools the airflow, in turn limiting the stress on air-conditioning units; saving you money on your next energy bill.

Houses with vertical gardens have proven to have a competitive edge in the real estate market. Looking to increase the value of your property on a budget? Look no further.

Installation and Planting

Keep your vertical garden design simple and strategic. It’s important to build close to a water supply, drainage and natural lighting. You can also set up automatic sprinklers to avoid overwatering.

You can plant just about anything in a vertical garden, if your weather conditions allow it.

Shade plants and succulents are a perfect fit and will brighten up the dull spots in your home or outdoor areas.

Choose edible plants that suit your circumstances. If the garden only receives minimal sun, leafy greens are a good choice as most other veggies need sufficient sunlight. Popular annual plants that thrive in Queensland weather include dill, coriander, parsley and basil.

Now that you have the basics down, you can get started on your own vertical garden. Happy planting!

Vertical gardening can be a fun DIY project or professionally designed to suit your needs. Photo credit: Shuttershock

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