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The Surprising Use For Botox

Do you suffer from teeth grinding causing:

• Tooth fractures

• Headaches and pain

• TMJ Syndrome

Grinding your teeth, or bruxism, is a normal response to being stressed, anxious or nervous. But, for some people, it can cause devastating damage to a person's teeth and jaw, resulting in cracks, jaw pain and thousands of dollars in dentist bills. Dr Saul Geffen of Queensland Rehabilitation Specialists has two decades of experience as a rehabilitation specialist with a special interest in treating bruxism with Botulinum toxin, also known as Botox.

“It’s the same Botox people use for cosmetic treatments, but we just inject it in a particular way that helps with this very real medical condition,” Dr Geffen said. “The treatments are safe, office-based, and moderately priced. I’ve got patients who are saving money because they’re not spending thousands with dentists for a cracked tooth.”

Patients will come to Dr Geffen after they or their dentist notice abnormal wear or damage to their teeth from grinding overnight.

“They often wake up with a sore jaw or temporomandibular joint, which is in front of the ear,” he said. “They may have difficulty opening their mouth fully and chewing objects like apple or steak that require a lot of force.”

Dr Geffen will encourage other proven treatments for bruxism, including oral medication, dental splints and addressing the stress in one’s life, providing a holistic approach to treatment. He has over five years’ experience in medical Botox treatment and is an expert in utilising it to treat bruxism as well as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and stroke survivors. When used to treat bruxism, Botox partially paralyses and relaxes the muscles, most commonly the masseter muscle, in between your top and bottom jaw, and the temporalis muscle in your temple. Dr Geffen uses an ultrasound to identify the area before injection is extremely cautious with dosage, completing thousands of procedures throughout his career.

“Botox is an incredibly safe drug,” said Dr Geffen. “One, because it only goes where you put the needle, and the second reason is it always wears off in three months. Sometimes people need regular doses, sometimes people only need once a year, sometimes people can just use two or three injections to get on top of it and address the lifestyle factors.”

Dr Geffen is a certified and accredited Visiting Medical Officer at Mater Private Hospital Mackay and has a longstanding relationship with the Mackay and Whitsunday regions. Regularly servicing the area, he is dedicated to providing the regions with professional and compassionate care.

To find out more about Dr Geffen’s services, visit or contact Queensland Rehabilitation Specialists on 07 3393 2001.

Dr Saul Geffen has two decades of experience as a rehabilitation specialist

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