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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

The Yellow Brick Road Shows Us The Way

Review By Bronte Hodge

An accomplishment and an evening of enjoyment, the students of Whitsunday Christian College should be proud of the professional production they hosted last weekend.

The calibre of the performances, the professionalism of the students, and the awe of the audience culminated into a specular night.

As the nerves shifted away, and the excitement of being on stage, underneath the big lights, with loved ones in the audience grew, this was a performance of greatness.

There was Jade Shepherd-Smith as Dorothy, a role she welcomed with open arms.

Having only performed briefly in the school’s previous play, Dorothy was a new bigger challenge, one that Jade rose to fantastically, with her endearing nature.

Beside her was an array of quirky friendly characters.

Hagen Martinez plays the cowardly Lion with a performance that sells out the show. Boastful yet meek, Hagen perfectly accentuates Jade’s performance.

Lovable and dedicated, Hagen did well to bring Lion to light, creating a memorable performance on stage.  

The next of the lead ensemble is Oliver Steven as Tin Man, wishing for a heart that has the audience clutching theirs.

Delivering a performance like no other, the audience couldn’t help but wish that his dreams of getting a heart come true.

Shannon Matthews is Scarecrow, the loveable one who always seems to be mixed up in mishaps.

Even dedicating himself to a slight American accent, Shannon embodied Scarecrow throughout the entire play.

And we can’t forget the elegant Glinda the good witch, played by Bella Barker. Poignant and poised, Bella was made for this role. The soft and subtle touches of her on stage characterisation blended seamlessly with her co-stars.

Against this crew is the Wicked Witch, played to perfection by Olivia Braddock. Having the dreaded cackle down pat, her performance was legendary. The scope of this young lady is impressive, perfectly articulating the villainous nature of the Wicked Witch and her devilish ways.

Lachlan Riley, an actor of many talents took on five character roles and assisted all lead characters in pulling it altogether both on stage and off. A true all-rounder who encapsulates the essence of team.

Who can forget the man himself, The Wizard of Oz embodied by Hunter Playford. Although only in Year 7, Hunter played a remarkable role as the wise wizard portraying maturity, wit, and charm.

With imaginative storytelling, fantastic costuming, and dedication to the theatre art, this was an incredibly professional and intimate production. With almost every child having their own headset, and each voice distinct and resounding, all chorus musical pieces fantastic, with the enthusiastic singing of each student.

It was particularly warming to see one dad in the front row whip out his phone to capture his little one on stage or see little Munchkins wave to their families before the music starts for their dance, wearing their colourful and creative flower outfits.

It is clear that in the midst of Whitsunday Christian College, there are numerous future theatrical stars, that we should be ready to witness of the big screen.

Whitsunday Christian College students showcasing their theatrical prowess on the big stage. Photo credit: Bronte Hodge

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