Thursday, August 24, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

There’s Nothing Like Football

It is stated that 3.5 billion people are football fans.

Fans of The World Game, The Beautiful Game, what in Australia we call soccer -- the largest sport on the globe; in fact, we are floating on an enormous football itself. It is the “sport of sports”, the most popular pastime, our most enduring as a species.

It has everything: displays of tactical brilliance, astounding athleticism, and suspense. More than one could ask for in a viewing experience, and even greater from a playing perspective.

The Whitsundays is home to its own football team: the “Tangerines”, better known as Whitsunday United Football Club. A club going from strength to strength, fielding several senior men, women, and youth teams from under 13 to under 16.

The favourite sport for kids across the world for its ease that belies its depth, like an iceberg – “Football is simple, but it’s difficult to play simply” - the only objective is to score more than the opposition.

It is not a strange thing to say that most people, once they’ve tried football, fall in love with it.

At the local team, that is no different. You will find devotees of the sport that have fallen in love with both the team and the sport – whether they be new to it or returning.

And even better, Whitsunday United are the reigning Champions of the Region in their men’s division and is already on the recruitment drive for this year.

The men’s team training has already begun, as well as some of its junior teams, and they’ll be soon joined by the Senior Women.

Home games are played at the Whitsunday Sports Park on Saturdays throughout the day, with away matches in Mackay.

The men’s and women’s squads work over two teams, with one premier division team and reserve grade. For players of all levels, there’s a place at Whitsunday United, with coaches more than accommodating for those new or returning to the game.

Aside from the fitness, the competitive nature, and the fun of the sport, Whitsunday United have an exceptionally welcoming culture – one that encompasses each of their teams and the administration of the club.

There’s nothing like football, and there’s nothing like Whitsunday United.

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