Friday, November 10, 2023


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Third Years The Charm For Double Flying Front Kick

The boys of Double Flying Front Kick are ready to take on the Airlie Beach Festival of Music, for the third year in a row, and with them they’re bringing their very best originals.

“We’ve got a whole line up of new music that we’re ready to showcase,” said Kaedan McCarthy, talented vocalist and guitarist of the band.

“We’ve also got our brand-new bassist, the legendary Nick Di Gregorio, who comes with so much talent and so much inspiration. In fact, he is probably the most talented out of all of us!”

The final of the trio is Simon Briley, on drums and vocals, who rounds out the band with great beats and even better attitude.

“We all play independently but come together with Double Flying Front Kick, so we can all jump on vocals. Our harmonies are good, and it fuels the music. Both Simon and Nick play guitar too.”

Perfecting their setlist for the festival, the boys are keen to showcase their originals.

“We’ve got some of our older originals and some of our songs are completely brand new, even to us. I’ve been writing for years, so we’ve got this great backlog of stuff in the file cabinet ready to go.”

Just this year, the boys have been pumping through their originals, releasing Volume 2, a new collection of their music earlier this year, with plans to release Volume 3 later on this year.

“We knew 2023 would be us doing a lot of internal stuff, producing, recording and engineering our stuff to get a demo and an album out in 2024,” Kaedan said.

“We go to these festivals and get approached by people in the industry but never have anything to give them, so we’re changing that. In 2024, people will know us and will know our stuff.”

Before these boys make it too big for little ol’ Airlie, see them in action at Airlie Beach Festival of Music.

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