Thursday, November 2, 2023


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Thorough Safety With Lightning Comms

This disaster season be ultimately protected with Lightning Comms, with an up-to-date and fully equipped alarm system and camera security for your home and property.

Now, while your alarm system may not necessarily be front of mind during storm season, it is an important factor for keeping your home and family safe, with Lightning Comms, the experts in the field.

“Particularly for disaster season, it’s great to have your system serviced and know that it’s working properly,” explained Sarah Watson, owner and operator of Lightning Comms.

“When the power goes out or something worse, it’s great to know that your battery and system has been serviced and is working, that the backup battery is operating and that your home and family is protected.”

Offering fully comprehensive servicing, Lightning Comms ensures that the backup battery is operating, and will last another six to 12 months, that there are no cobwebs or other debris that will interfere with the system, and, most importantly, that the system works correctly.

Regarding what systems Lightning Comms recommend, anything from a simple alarm or camera system works.

“The alarm system is more of a preventative measure. With sirens and noise, it deters thieves to continue to enter your home.

“The camera system is great for after the fact, when you need the images to catch the thieves. In both cases, there are quite cost effective, and in some cases, your insurance premiums could decrease because you have a system in place.”

This disaster season, be prepared the best way, with Lightning Comms.

Be prepared with storm season. Photo: Shutterstock

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