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To Lop Or Not To Tree Lop?

As disaster season approaches, it is vitally important that we all prepare ourselves for the possibility of a cyclone, bush fire or extreme flooding event.

Overhanging or damaged trees pose a real threat to both properties and individual safety, but fortunately the professional arborists at WhitPro know how to protect both you and your property from potentially threatening trees this storm season.

What do we look out for in potentially dangerous trees?

Poor health – missing leaves, the bark flaking off or dead wood in the branches. Other issues could be rotting ground roots at the base of the tree, fungi, and black rot. Also check your trees out for termite activity – they will look like a dirt trail up the trunk and on the underside of the lower limbs.

What hazards do we look for nearby?

If trees are leaning over the roads or are close to powerlines, they are dangerous and must be pruned or removed.

How far are trees meant to be away from property?

1 metre is the minimum gap for any vegetation to be near your house. This is primarily for termite and pest management reasons but also a good gauge for cyclones and strong winds. Any closer, branches will be flapping and potentially damaging gutters.

How do we ensure our house or business is safe?

Call a professional to assess your property. They will be able to prune trees away from buildings, remove any dead wood and give you a quote for any removal. WhitPro has all the equipment for the job with a Spider to prune with ease, the Chipper to dispose of any rubbish and a crew of “groundies” on-hand to clean-up. We have the capacity to deal with any dead wood, tree, or type of vegetation.

Whose responsibility is it to ensure properties are safe?

It’s the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that trees on his or her property are in good health and will not damage any infrastructure or be a threat to human life.

Trees are an important part of our environment and saving a tree is a priority however a diseased tree can be a dangerous tree in a populated area and council can insist on tree removal by a property owner if deemed necessary.

So have your tree assessed before cyclone season.

A large tree hanging perilously close to powerlines in Cannonvale. Photo credit: Norina Jane

Tim Perkins from WhitPro

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