Thursday, August 24, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Today Was Meant To Be A Wonderful Day…

But, I will tell you why it feels different.

My Dad was meant to be up from Sydney this week to see the grandkids, but after multiple visits to his doctor, it was agreed that he shouldn’t travel up to the tropics because it’ll be too warm for him and his ticker.

Whilst it’s disappointing that he won’t be here, I get the reasons why.

I won’t bring up the fact that he lived in Mackay for the best part of 30 years, so you’d think his body knew how ‘warm’ Mackay can be in March, but who am I to judge right? I’m not a doctor, but I shook hands once with someone who said they were.

That was just after my full physical exam too by the way. That reminds me, I never did get to see their certificate saying they were a doctor. Hmmm. Now I’m a little concerned after the sheer number of exams over a three-week period in Paget.

Word of warning. Check before you take off your shirt.

Anyway, back to Dad. He’s not coming up until May now, which by my weather app, should be a little cooler for his blessed heart.

What I did want to tell you about his trip, and this is something that he doesn’t know yet, I’ve organised a few extra outings that I hope he will enjoy, and I want you to have a look and see what you think.

The Flying Fox Experience in Finch Hatton. Strapping my Dad into a harness and flying through the tree tops and a nice speed should be good right? I thought so. How about driving fast at Palmyra in a motorised kart? What could go wrong with an 83-year-old body? Nothing. Of course.

The other thing I want to do with Dad when he comes up in May is twofold. Walk up High Street at dawn to see the view! He would love it I reckon. The other part would be to also walk up Mount Blackwood and see the sunrise from the transmitter towers. That’s a special experience also, so I hope he loves me for getting it done for him.

With all these activities lined up, now all I need is his blessing when he gets here.

If he says no to all of them, well I guess it’ll be off to the Creperie for dinner and my 55th birthday cake candles to blow out.

It is a win-win situation, I think.

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