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Top Ranked Sinkers Show Depth Of Talent

At Queensland Masters State Swimming Titles

North Mackay Sinkers claimed top ranking in Combined Teams Scores at the recent Masters Swimming Queensland State Long Course Championships at the Mackay Aquatic & Recreation Complex.

The Sinkers club posted 1366 points from both male and female division events to finish in first place ahead of University Queensland (1156).

In the Womens Team rankings the Sinkers grabbed top spot with 839 points from Noosa (515) while Miami club were first in the Mens Team standings with 635 points with the Sinkers fourth on 437.

The Masters Swimming Carnival proved a resounding success with 113 records broken during the three day event including 27 National, 82 Queensland and four Victorian.

Competitors from local clubs North Mackay Sinkers, Mackay Swim Academy and Pioneer Oldphins produced stand out swims to come away with a swag of medals.

Record breaking Kylie Smith,40, was the star swimmer for Pioneer Oldphins – claiming gold medal wins in the Womens 40-44yrs 100m Backstroke (1:15.76 sec); 50m Butterfly (30.10 Qld record); 50m Freestyle (28.66) and 50m Backstroke (32.64 Qld record).

She was supported by club mate Ben Miles,43, who shone in the 50m Butterfly (31.08); 100m Butterfly (1:15.00) and 200m Freestyle (2:20.34).

Mackay Swim Academy’s Andrew Gillespie dominated his 30-34yrs age group with superb swims across various disciplines.

Gillespie, 31, was successful in the Mens 400m Backstroke (5:00.00); 100m Backstroke (1:03.00); 800m Backstroke (10:40.00); 200m Backstroke (2:20.00); 50m Backstroke (29.25) and 50m Butterfly (28.23) as well as the triumphant Relay teams in the 120-159yrs 200m Medley and 200m Freestyle with club mates Jesse Eggins, Michael Rafter and Greg Born and Mixed 160-199yrs 200m Medley with Jesse and Jane Eggins and Linda Single.

Other MSA entrants to impress were Jane Eggins – gold in Womens 60-64yrs 100m Freestyle (1:19.94); 50m Butterfly (45.14) and 200-239yrs 200m Medley Relay with Rachel Bidgood, Linda Single and Candace Grady (2:45.31); silver 50m Freestyle and 400m Freestyle plus bronze 100m Backstroke; 200m Freestyle; 50m Backstroke and 200-239yrs 200m Freestyle Relay.

Jesse Eggins - gold in Mens 30-34yrs 50m Breaststroke (32.69); 100m Breaststroke (1:15.27) and Mixed 160-199yrs 200m Medley Relay; silver 50m Freestyle; 100m Freestyle; Mixed 160-199yrs 200m Freestyle Relay.

Greg Born – gold Mens 50-54yrs 400m Breaststroke (7:07.58); 1500m Backstroke (26:26.37); 120-159yrs 200m Freestyle Relay and 200m Medley Relay; silver 400m Freestyle; 800m Freestyle; 100m Breaststroke; 100m Butterfly and bronze 200m Freestyle.

Michael Rafter – silver 200m Backstroke; Mixed 160-169yrs 200m Freestyle Relay; bronze 50m Breaststroke; 50m Backstroke;

50m Butterfly; 100m Freestyle; 400m Backstroke and Linda Single – gold 40-44yrs 200m Freestyle.

North Mackay Sinkers paraded quality swimmers in Naomi McGilvray – gold 40-44yrs 50m Breaststroke (43.81); 200m IM (3:01.27); 100m Butterfly (1:26.72); silver 200m Breaststroke; 800m Freestyle; 200m Freestyle;100m Freestyle; bronze Mixed 160-199 800m Freestyle Relay with Megan Taylor, Nigel Dalton, Timothy Caris; Lola Fisher – gold 50-54yrs 100m Backstroke (2:13.28); 200m Backstroke; 800m Backstroke; silver 50m Backstroke; 400m Backstroke; 200m IM; 400m Breaststroke; bronze 50m Butterfly; 400m IM; Jaime Patten – silver 35-39yrs 1500m Freestyle; 400m Freestyle; 800m Freestyle; 200m Freestyle; bronze 35-39yrs 100m Freestyle; 100m Breaststroke; Suzanne McBride – silver 70-74yrs 50m Breaststroke; 100m Breaststroke; 800m Freestyle; bronze 400m Freestyle; Megan Taylor – silver 40-44yrs 200m IM; 100m Breaststroke; bronze 100m Backstroke; Fiona Cheeseman – gold 50-54yrs 100m Breaststroke (1:47.83); 200m Breaststroke (3:48.54); silver 200m Freestyle Relay with Megan Taylor, Naomi McGilvray, Susan Dalton; Club President Daniel Stampa – silver 60-64yrs 1500m Freestyle; 200m IM; 50m Backstroke; bronze 50m Breaststroke; 200m Freestyle; 400m Freestyle; Timothy Caris – silver 30-34yrs 50m Butterfly; 200-239yrs 200m Freestyle Relay with Greg Armstrong, Nigel Dalton, Terence Beaton; bronze 50m Freestyle; 100m Freestyle; Mixed 200m Freestyle Relay with Nigel Dalton, Megan Taylor Toni Enright); Terence Beaton – gold 65-69yrs 200m Freestyle (2:44.63);silver 50m Freestyle; 100m Freestyle; 400m Freestyle; 800m Freestyle; Greg Armstrong – gold 55-59yrs 200m Freestyle (2:27.55); 400m Freestyle (5:21.14); 1500m Freestyle (21:37.57); silver 800m Freestyle; bronze 50m Butterfly; 50m Freestyle; 100m Freestyle;

Nigel Dalton – gold 55-59yrs 400m Backstroke (6:25.47); silver 200m Backstroke; 800m Backstroke; 1500m Backstroke; 200m Freestyle; Mixed 200-239yrs 200m Medley Relay with Jaime Patten; Megan Taylor; Terence Beaton; bronze 100m Backstroke; 50m Backstroke; Christine Webb – gold 55-59yrs 100m Butterfly; bronze 400m Breaststroke; Brian Keogh – silver 65-69yrs 1500m Freestyle;  

Alison Friswell – bronze 55-59yrs 200 IM; 100m Backstroke; 50m Butterfly; 100m Breaststroke; Sue de Meer – silver 65-69yrs 800m Breaststroke; Jo-Anne Shanks – gold – 50m Backstroke (59.54);  

silver 50-54yrs 100m Backstroke; Toni Enright – silver 45-49yrs 100m Breaststroke; 200m Breaststroke; 200m Freestyle Relay with Alison Friswell, Suzanne McBride, Lesley Thorpe; bronze 50m Freestyle; 50m Backstroke; Steven Burchill – 65-69yrs 200m Breaststroke; bronze 100m Breaststroke; 50m Backstroke; Cameron Turnbull – silver 25-29yrs 200m Freestyle; 100m Butterfly; 400m Freestyle and Lesley Thorpe – bronze 65-69yrs 100m Breaststroke.

North Mackay Sinkers tallied the Highest Club Points at the recent Masters Swimming Queensland State Championships. Photo supplied

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