Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Touch Footy Fun!

A total of nine children participated in the first of six ‘Footy For Fun’ training sessions at the Whitsunday Sportspark on Monday night.

The sessions are dedicated to teaching children aged four to eight years the basics of Touch Football in the hope that it will inspire them to progress further and join a team as they get older.

Over 200 people regularly play Touch Football in the Whitsundays and compete in a range of divisions which offer everything from a family grade, where kids can play with their parents, right through to young aspiring professionals in the sport.

During the first Footy For Fun session, the kids learnt the basics of how to catch the ball, dodge past each other and score a goal.

Next week they will play a real game.

Any parents who are interested in signing up their children for the next five weeks can still do so, just head to the Whitsunday Touch Facebook page for details.

Training sessions are from 5pm until 5.40pm every Monday at Whitsunday Sportspark.

This Week’s Results

A Grade

Won In the Crear 8 v Raiders A 5

Won Vipers 10 v Concrete Feet 7

Won Trusty 18 v Whitmonday Eagles 4  

B Grade

Won Full Boar v The Guinea Fowls Forfeit

Won Ray White Mudcrabs 5 v G.E.T. Touch  4

BYE Slippery Salmons

C Grade

Won Fumble This v Whitsunday Warriors Forfeit

Won Touch it 9 v Stingers 4

Won Flametree Flames 11 v Raiders C 1

BYE OnTime

Family Grade

Won Untouchables 7 v Mainlanders 3

Won Raiders Family 7 v Misfits HamoRent 5

Nine youngsters joined the first Footy For Fun session

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