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Traditional Handcrafted Taste: La Marina Restaurant

For La Marina Restaurant and Bar, the difference is in the flavour, steeped in tradition and handcrafted with classic and timeless techniques.

For La Marina, the difference is in Angelo Panuccio.

Since the early days of La Marina, Angelo has been instrumental in creating the beautiful and tasty Italian meals that satisfy the soul.

Father to Joe Panuccio, the owner and operator of La Marina, Angelo has been serving as key pasta and gnocchi creator and meatball connoisseur since the beginning.

“The best thing is that my dad is still here,” Joe explained.

“Yes, he’s still making the pasta by hand, and he’s still making his famous meatballs by hand.”

Using classic and traditional Italian techniques and recipes, which are tightly kept hidden by Angelo, you can trust that only the very best Italian is being served at La Marina.

“We started with the traditional cooking, going back to our roots. We still do things the old school way; nothing’s really changed. Everything is made from scratch, handmade with the very best locally sourced ingredients,” Joe explained.

Almost every day, Angelo handcrafts the pasta and gnocchi, and with a completely open kitchen, patrons can watch as the chefs use the beautifully handcrafted pasta in their dishes.

With an extensive menu, Joe recommends the meatballs, a dish with a secret recipe that leaves patrons wanting more, and any pasta dish with the fettuccine, as the flavours creates a divine experience for guests.

And watch out for Ange’s Weekly Specials, that will begin very soon, with traditional southern Italian dishes, created in Angelo’s homeland, which will entice and excite patrons.

Angelo Panuccio dedicatedly making his pasta fresh. Photo supplied

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