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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Continuing the massive hit that was the original Transformers, this new film brings the fun of the much-loved toys with an exciting new storyline that takes on new stakes.

Following unwilling hero Noah Diaz, portrayed by Anthony Ramos, who attempts to steal a car, to move and get some money to support his sick little brother.

However, Noah gets the shock of a lifetime, when the Porsche awakens into a transformer, named Mirage.

Voiced by famous personality and comedian Pete Davidson, Mirage and the other Transformers employ Noah to help them find and protect the Transwarp Key, away from the dreaded Maximals, who wish to destroy the Earth.

Optimus is initially hesitant to use Noah, but he agrees, and Noah and Elena Wallace, portrayed by Dominique Fishback, an artifacts expert turned unlikely hero, work together to find the Transwarp Key, taking a fantastic trip to Peru part way through the story, to source the missing piece of the key.

For the final battle, all the Autobots come together to thwart the big enemy of the Maximals, futuristic mechanical animals, led by Scourge, voiced by Peter Dinklage, who wishes for the Transwarp Key to take over time and space.

Bringing waves of new generation fans, this film perfectly encapsulates strategic CGI robot-animal battles, touchingly intimate human moments, fantastic storytelling, and a hit soundtrack.

Particularly, the CGI mastery of the creatures in the film has been beautifully rendered with amazing artistry.

Noah’s and Mirage’s budding friendship is only one of multiple in the film, adding a loving sentiment to the films core, and with the introduction of the Maximals as the evil entity, Transformers: Rise of the Beast revives this fantastical franchise in one fell swoop.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is currently available at the Bowen Cinema and will be opening at the Proserpine Entertainment Centre July 6.

Welcoming a myriad of new stars to the franchise, including Peter Dinklage, Anthony Ramos, Liza Koshy and Pete Davidson, this new film is bringing the 1990s back

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