Thursday, August 31, 2023


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Turning Pages And Igniting Minds

Picnic In The Gardens, Book Week 2023

From August 19th to 25th, Children's Book Week 2023 cast its spell on young book enthusiasts and eager learners across the nation. Orchestrated by the Children's Book Council of Australia, this annual event unfurled under the theme "Read, Grow, Inspire," placing the spotlight on the profound impact that books wield in shaping the minds of the youth.

Throughout the designated week, schools, libraries, and families actively participated in a myriad of engaging activities and creative displays that championed the sheer delight of reading. In the heart of Mackay, the Mackay Regional Council Libraries orchestrated an enchanting "Picnic in the Gardens" event, transforming the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens into a vibrant canvas of imagination. Amongst the fluttering butterflies, fearless superheroes, and regal princesses, families came together to bask in the magic of storytelling.

With each turned page, the journey of discovery and inspiration carries on, ensuring that the love for books remains an enduring legacy.

Mackay Regional Council Libraries team at Picnic in the Gardens. L-R: Jessie Nixon, Lotte Sjoegren, Laura Ellul, Claire Grandcourt, Fiona Thackray and Kirsty Wilson. Photo credit: Tanya Youman, Mackay Regional Council

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