Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Two Local Chambers Merge

After many years working autonomously for the same purpose, Proserpine Chamber of Commerce and Whitsunday Coast Chamber of Commerce have decided to merge and form one entity which will represent the region as a whole.

By joining forces, it is hoped that ideas and innovations can flow across the business community and that collaboration will generate a new excitement among members and drive higher engagement in uniting and representing the common interests.

The move will also help lighten the load for committee members who often juggle volunteer responsibilities with running their own businesses.

President of the Whitsunday Chamber of Commerce Allan Milostic expressed his excitement at a breakfast networking event held at Whitsunday Green Golf Club last Thursday morning.

“This is an opportunity that we have discussed over the years and now it is finally happening,” he said.

“It’s an opportunity to forge a much stronger and more united voice in the greater Whitsunday area and it will connect this growth corridor.

“It makes no sense to have two different chambers with limited volunteer resources, it makes much more sense to have one strong and united presence.”

In addition, the new united Chamber has employed two liaisons who will guide the direction of the organisation from within and create a solid structure that will form the framework of the group for years to come.

Dr Julia Evans and her husband Richard Evans have accepted this position and were present at the meeting.

Julia has over 20 years’ experience working within large organisations, optimising the structure, efficiency and overall running of the entity.

She will bring these skills to her new role at the Chamber.

Richard has been board member and CEO of several national and state industry associations  and a previous Federal Member of Parliament.

He gave a motivational speech at the networking breakfast which inspired members.

Allan Milostic finished by saying that the Chamber would now be open for feedback from members ahead of the next event  which will take place during Queensland Small Business Month on Tuesday, May 16.

Kim Porter and Amanda Yuksan, Annette Neil, Allan Milostic, Megan Taylor, Julia Evans and Richard Evans. Photo credit: Rachael Smith

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