Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Ukulele Fever

The Farview Tavern came alive with music and dance recently, as the Beaconsfield Ukulele Strummers hosted an afternoon extravaganza on Saturday, June 24.

150 folks enjoyed a great afternoon of singing, dancing and entertainment and excellent hospitality and meals from the Tavern.

Under the guidance of leaders Bruce and Betty Kearney, 30 members of the Strummers played and sang for almost three hours, with the ever-changing performers on the dance floor enjoying the tunes.

The dancers were a mix of ukulele players, Golden Years and others from the audience.

There was waltzing, jiving, rock and roll, hula dancing and the Running Bear conga line, including wheelie walkers.

A great band playing great music, a fantastic day and smiles all round.

The Beaconsfield Ukulele Strummers enjoyed an afternoon of singing, dancing, conga lines and good company. Photos supplied: Bruce Kearney

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