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Unconditional Love With Greg and Nettie

It began with a workplace romance, with Greg and Nettie Dunlop meeting in the kitchen of a restaurant in Victoria, and since then, the pair have never looked back.

Now, with 30 years of marriage behind them, Greg and Nettie are as inseparable as they were when they first met, and for them, it’s not always about the romance, but a vow to each other.

“It’s not always about the romance but more of making forever memories,” Greg explained.

And great memories they have shared, with one of the more memorable being their 28th wedding anniversary.

“We took a private helicopter and flew out over the Whitsunday Islands, lunched and dined on Whitehaven.”

For this pair, no challenge is too big, always being there for the other, and being a stable, confident rock for the other to rely upon.

“Nettie and I have been inseparable for 30 years. We work, live and love together every day and appreciate every minute of every day,” Greg explained.

“When we are not working, we love just hanging out, keeping life simple, and enjoying each other’s company.”

And, of course, their romance hinges on their laughter.

For Nettie, “If you’re not annoying in some way during the day, life would be pretty boring - as long as it’s in a fun way.”

Greg and Nettie’s top tip for love:

“Unconditional love is patience and understanding of one another.”

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