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Unlocking Andergrove's Paths

Beam E-Scooters Expand Boundary

Beam e-scooter riders can now spread their wings and ride further into Andergrove and Beaconsfield as part of an extension of the boundary area.

Initially, 50 of the purple e-scooters were available for hire only within the Beaconsfield and Andergrove area, aiding transport within the two suburbs for work, errands and leisure.

But, due to high demand, the area has now been connected to Beam’s existing operational area within the Mackay City Centre.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the expansion was a fantastic opportunity for northside residents.

“Riders in those two suburbs have certainly embraced it, with more than 5000 kilometres ridden on the 50 e-scooters since they were introduced there back in August,” Mayor Williamson said.

“And the statistics are showing us that e-scooter usage in Beaconsfield and Andergrove is highest from 3pm to 5pm throughout the week, and from 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays,” he said.

“Council’s partnership with Beam to introduce the e-scooters has certainly been a huge success and we look forward to continuing to work with them to advantage our residents.”

Beam’s Mackay Operations Manager, Cameron Milicevic, said with safety front of mind, Beam was pleased to launch a Summer Smart campaign in time for the holiday season.

“This safety campaign aims to support safe riding and is running digitally and in-app,” Mr Milicevic said.

“Trips over the summer holiday months can increase by about 20 to 30 per cent, with our Summer Smart campaign designed to remind riders of the smart way to ride and to ensure the riding rules remain front of mind,” he said.

“The vast majority of riders are doing the right thing, and we're pleased to see riders engaging with our Beam Safe Academy and following the rules.

“However, our three-strikes policy is in place and riders face suspension and permanent bans for bad riding and parking offences.

“We want riders to know that riding and parking safely is their responsibility, and that our team are out there enforcing the rules.”

The campaign focuses on the key riding rules:

● It’s illegal to drink and ride.

● A helmet is included with every Beam ride and must be worn on every trip.

● Put your phone away while riding – just like when driving a car, it’s illegal to use your phone whilst riding an e-scooter.

● No tandem riding – stick to one person on an e-scooter.

● Park responsibly, with your e-scooter parked kerbside.

E-scooter use continues to grow in popularity in Mackay, with over 500,000 kilometres ridden across the city to date, and the average rider riding for just over 11 minutes.

2023’s top e-scooter destinations include Bluewater Quay, Mackay Harbour and the City Centre.

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