Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Urgent Action Needed To Address Housing Crisis

The pressing issue of the housing crisis demands immediate attention and proactive solutions. With the cost of building a home set to rise on October 1, 2023, the timing couldn't be more critical. As we grapple with the housing shortage, the Master Builders Association says the decision for the Queensland Government to introduce livable housing and energy efficiency provisions adds an extra burden to an already challenging situation. While other states have recognised the economic climate and housing crisis and postponed changes, the Queensland Government has chosen a different path.

The Master Builders Association added that the ramifications of these changes are substantial, potentially increasing the cost of building by $20,000 to $30,000. This comes on top of the 42 per cent rise in costs over the past three years. As the housing crisis deepens, adding further complexity and financial strain on prospective homeowners seems counterintuitive. Despite the economic challenges, local builders celebrated earlier this month at the Mackay & Whitsunday Master Builders Awards. You can read about some of the success on pages 10 – 13.

In light of these challenges, it's heartening to see efforts on the community level to address the housing crisis. The recent Greater Whitsunday Housing Summit gathered over 150 stakeholders to delve into the multifaceted housing issues in the region. Acknowledging the complexity of the situation, the summit aimed to formulate solutions in line with community priorities. Collaborative efforts involving all levels of government and the private sector are essential to tackle this crisis head-on. You can read more about this on the opposite page.

As we face the housing shortage, I believe all levels of government, businesses and individuals must come together to offer realistic and actionable solutions. The crisis impacts every aspect of our economic development, from attracting a skilled workforce to ensuring affordable housing for all demographics.

The housing crisis is a call to action, and now is the time for our leaders to step up and provide the necessary support and solutions. The welfare of our communities and the future prosperity of our region depend on it.


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