Thursday, March 14, 2024


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Votes And Voices

Imagine our community as a stage, set for a performance unlike any other. As the curtains draw back on the upcoming local elections, the spotlight falls on three individuals poised to take centre stage in shaping our collective future.

On page 30, David Fisher, our friend from Gardian, shares his candid perspective on the candidates. He humorously admits his dilemma of remaining neutral due to his friendships with all three contenders. It's a sentiment many of us can relate to! I, too, find myself in awe of the dedication displayed by these individuals as they step into the arena of public service, which is often quite a thankless position. For an in-depth look at the mayoral candidates, flip to pages 4-5.

Also, back to page 30, you'll find Rob Kidd's touching tribute to Jai Patrick Degue, a young soul taken too soon by a sudden cardiac event. He was honoured to have been asked to officiate Jai’s service and leaves us with the reminder to live life today, not tomorrow.

That sentiment is echoed by the tragedy covered on page 7, where a local husband and father-of-four lost his life during a boating accident on Kinchant Dam.

The reminder to live life to its fullest has struck a personal chord this week, with the passing of one of my husband’s best friends last weekend. As you read this, I will be in New Zealand attending his funeral. He worked hard all of his life, built a successful car audio business in Christchurch but had many adventures he had still planned to take this year with his family. Despite back-to-back chemotherapy to hit his cancer hard, he lost his battle faster than anyone had anticipated.

Cherish life, it’s the most precious commodity we have.


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