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The Everly Brothers And Buddy Holly Are Coming To Airlie Beach

Classic 50s and 60s rock and roll is making its way to Airlie Beach Hotel this September, with the enigmatic Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly Tribute Show.

Bringing effervescent rock and roll charm, the show will not miss the top tunes and hit tracks.

Legendary rockers and all-time stars are Rick Gauci and Steven Burns, the two iconic men behind the show.

‘It’s so easy to fall in love’ with these tunes, and the sheer appeal and stage presence of Rick and Steven, who have been perfecting their craft and their art, ensuring ‘Words of love’ will flow over us this September.

Being dedicated, life-long fans of the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly, Rick and Steven have been lovingly recreating these iconic classics, a ‘Brand New Heartache’ for us to love and enjoy, not missing a beat with the charm and charisma.

Sometimes ‘I wonder if I care as much’, because these two shows will be powerful, full of charm and electric sounds.  

‘All I have to do is dream’ about this music, and the Airlie Beach Hotel is looking after us.

But don’t worry, because Steven and Rick are also bringing the entire rock and roll discography with them, including the likes of Elvis and an extensive lineup of classic 50s and 60s rockers, sure to round out the afternoon with fantastic energy.

Full of nostalgia, fun and, ‘Maybe Baby’ charm, the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly presence will take Airlie Beach back to the past.

Take this journey with us and celebrate the good ol’ times, with this iconic show.

With a performance synonymous with a good time, excitement, and fun, so now ‘Listen to me’, this is not a show to miss!

WHAT: The Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly Tribute Show

WHERE: The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel

WHEN: Saturday September 23 and Sunday September 24, 2pm to 5.30pm

Steven Burns and Rick Gauci are invigorating the classic 50s and 60s rock and roll music scene

Perfecting their craft for years, Steven and Rick are ready to make Airlie Beach rock

Cruisy rock and roll for Airlie Beach Hotel this September

Authentic and honest, Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly tribute

Get prepared for a show not to miss! Photos supplied

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