Thursday, August 24, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Wangaratta Bowls

Winners for Monday Triples were L Fox, K Pedlar, and G Feast.

Runners Up S Roome, D Richards, and R Agg.

The jackpot didn’t go off.

On Tuesday winners were Bruce, Douglas, Pauline Cochrane, and Michael Loughhead who defeated Bron Tolcher, Keith Aykens.

Runner Up M Coad A Pearson, J Dawson, P Cochrane

Winners for our Fun Friday afternoon were Col Taylor, Peter Donoghue, and Viv.

The jackpot didn’t go off.

Friday night barefoot bowls winners for the night were Kerri, Geoff, Teresa, and Penny who defeated Grant June Cheryl and Bill.

We had a great Saturday afternoon of bowls with the annual Wangaratta versus All States challenge.

With a full green there were plenty of good bowls from both sides and it was played with great enthusiasm and determination.

Wangaratta came in winners with 167 shots against All States with 140 making it four years in a row.

Rink winners for the afternoon came out on Rink 2 where Marie Nesbitt, June Walsh, France Wilman, and Keith Armstrong defeated Tracey Roach, Sue Shearing, Steve Roome, and Allan Rolfe.

Most of us came back on Sunday for another game.

Winners for the afternoon were Kevin Baxter, John and Rodney who defeated M Harvey, Keith Aykens, and Maureen Hyde.

Contributed with thanks to Penny Warren.

Wangaratta Teams Wang V All States 2023. Photo supplied

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