Thursday, March 9, 2023


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Wangaratta Bowls News

Tuesday winning rinks were Gavin Charles, Steve Roome and Geoff Danvers defeated Stumpy Adams, Robyn Stitt and Kennedy Whitton.

Bron Tolcher, Merle Elphinstone, Denise Wallace and Penny Warren defeated Deb Retchless, Isobel Wheeler, Linda Smith.

Irene Laird and Greg Colquhoun defeated Sue Shearing and Graeme Read. The jackpot didn’t go off.

On Sunday Wangaratta hosted the first round of the Men’s local pennant against BBC.

After three games of great bowls Wangaratta were the winners with 2 match wins 5 rinks plus 23. Congratulations to the men.

In the afternoon for social play the club welcomed 8 eight South Townsville ladies.

Winners came out on Rink 7. They were Bron Tolcher, Denise Wallace, Sandy Prince and Kevin Jewell who defeated Heather Rogers, Teresa Willshire, Wanda Goodwin and Penny Warren.

Other games were Merle Elphinstone, Lyn Danvers and Graeme Read defeated Irene Laird, Linda Scells and Donna Ware.

Jocelyn Defranciscis and Jodie Kay O’Sullivan defeated Deb Rethcless and Linda Ann Polkinghorn. The jackpot didn’t go off.                                                                

Contributed with thanks to Penny Warren.

Winners of the 1st Round Men's Local Pennant

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