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Wangaratta Weekly Bowls Report

Another great week of bowls started with Monday's self-selected triples. The winners were Frans Wilmann, Jenny Healey, and Chris Healey, who defeated Gary Wills, Mal Eanes, and Keith Armstrong. The runners-up were Peter Howie, Greg Sol, and Kennedy Whitton, who defeated John Haysom, Peter Nesbitt, and M. Richie. The jackpot didn’t go off.
Tuesday's social bowls winners were Karon McKenzie, Keith Ayken, and Glenn Harvey, who defeated Helen Donoghue, Neil Thewlis, and Ron Boskona. The runners-up were Lindy Suann, L. Sutherland, and Geoff Danvers, who defeated J. Langley, Heidi Reiff, and Bob Dykstra. The jackpot didn’t go off.
Fun Friday afternoon winners were Eadie Pickton and Steve Dolbel, who defeated Ron Hyde and Jan Dawson. Grant Allan and John defeated Patrick, June, and Mark. B. Dykstra and M. McKenzie defeated K. McKenzie and P. Cochrane. Resting touches went to Ron Hyde.
On Saturday, our ladies hosted our annual Monster Cent Sale at the club. What a great afternoon it was, enjoyed by our loyal supporters and visitors. There were many great prizes. Thank you to everyone who donated and helped to make it a successful afternoon.
With another full green, Sunday winners came out on Rink 2. They were Natalie, Lyn Madden, Penny Warren, and Kennedy Whitton, who defeated Kevin Daniels, Gordo Simon, and Fritz Gerald Norm Dawson. The runners-up were Sue Symonds, Jill Parker, Jenny Healey, and Jim Steel, who defeated Marie Nesbitt, Col Parker, Jim Quad, and Ron Hyde. The jackpot didn’t go off.

Contributed with thanks to Penny Warren.

Sunday Winners: Penny Warren, Natalie Lyn Madden and Kennedy Whitton with President Mark Drummond
Runners Up: Sue Symonds, Jill Parker, Jim Steel and Jenny Healey. Photos supplied

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