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Watch The Whimsical World Of Emma Memma's Twirly Tour

By Amanda Wright

Get ready to twirl into a world of enchantment and laughter as the effervescent Emma Memma presents her wondrous Twirly Tour, with three shows here in Mackay.

With a sprinkle of magic and a dash of imagination, Emma Memma invites all young adventurers and their families on an extraordinary journey filled with joy, dancing, and delightful surprises. Join in the fun as she introduces her brand-new characters and mesmerizing dance moves that will have everyone twirling with glee.

We caught up with the fabulous Emma Watkins (Emma Memma), formerly known as the Yellow Wiggle, to get an exclusive sneak peek into what promises to be a fun and inclusive show for children of all ages.

Emma's transition from the Yellow Wiggle to a different captivating children's entertainer has been nothing short of delightful.

"Emma Memma allows me to expand upon new areas of visual communication to help achieve greater accessibility for all children," Emma shares with a twinkle in her eye. With a passion for inclusivity, she aims to create a show that is not only fun but also engaging and attainable for everyone.

One of the highlights of the Twirly Tour is the incorporation of Auslan into the performances.

"Movement is everyone's first form of communication, so we aim to build on this foundation to make our content more fun, engaging, and inclusive," Emma explains. Auslan, Australian Sign Language, plays a significant role in making the show accessible to all children. Emma and her team use Auslan throughout the entire performance, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the magic with movement.

So, what can young audiences and their families expect from the Twirly Tour?

"Audiences can expect to see everything they know and love about Emma, but now with all new characters and catchy dance actions to try for adults and children alike," Emma reveals with excitement.

The Twirly Tour will take place at BCC Cinemas, adding an extra touch of grandeur to the show. With the use of animations projected on the enormous movie screen, young adventurers will be transported to a world of magic and wonder.

"The BCC Cinema's in-house movie projector is by far the largest screen we've ever used, and we are very excited about it!" Emma exclaims.

Emma's commitment to inclusivity extends to ticket sales as well.

"Our whole show is accessible in Auslan and English, and Elvin, myself, and our dancers use Auslan throughout the entire performance," Emma shares.

For audience members who require interpretation, special Auslan tickets are available, ensuring that every child can fully experience the magic of the Twirly Tour. Additionally, photos and videos during the show are always welcome, and lucky fans may even get a snap with Emma and her friend Elvin!

One of the most heartwarming aspects of Emma Memma's shows is their appeal to all ages.

"We often see babies right through to 20-somethings and grandparents joining in the fun," Emma reveals.

The performances are gentle, calming, and perfect for little ones or audience members who may be sensitive to loud noises or strong lighting. No matter the age, everyone is invited to twirl into a world of pure imagination.

Having previously visited Mackay, Emma Memma holds fond memories of the warm reception she received. "Mackay is always so lovely and welcoming," she said.

"We can't wait for our friends in Mackay to meet BB Butterfly, Waffles the Wombat, and Elvin Melvin at our first-ever Emma Memma shows in Mackay, see you there!"

What: Emma Memma’s Twirly Tour

When: Monday August 7, 10am, 12pm, 2:30pm

Where: BCC Cinemas Mt Pleasant


Emma Memma and Elvin Melvin will be entertaining children in Mackay this Monday during the Twirly Tour. Photo credit: Jared Lyons

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