Thursday, September 7, 2023


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Welcome Surprise For Lighthouse Walkers

Visitors to the North Head Lighthouse were greeted with an unexpected surprise, when Kenny the Kensington Pride Mango Mascot snapped pictures with them as they took the walk.

The North Head Lighthouse walk is a well-loved experience, attracting visitors from across Australia.

The surprise of Kenny was a welcome sight, with many visitors posing for photos before their trek.

Leanne Abernathy, Sales and Marketing Manager of Bowen Tourism and Business said it was wonderful to see people travel from all over Queensland to do the walk.

“We even saw former locals come back and walk to the lighthouse again,” she said.

100s of people took on the lighthouse walk, a local experience only possible at super low tides.

In order to walk to North Head Lighthouse, it is best to leave from Dalrymple Point, wear good protective shoes, and be sure to leave the lighthouse one hour before low tide.

“It was great opportunity to promote Bowen mangoes to visitors as the mango picking season is about to set off in November,” explained Leanne.

Kenny the Kensington Pride Mango has been with Bowen Tourism and Business for years and is a prominent local figure in Bowen.

Making appearances at local festivals and events, Kenny has also been featured on tv twice in 2023, showcasing the best of Bowen to the wider nation.

Kenny the Kensington Pride Mango greeting visitors at the North Head Lighthouse. Photos supplied

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